Welcome to your life, meticulously crafted and carefully curated. 

Each moment, you are immersed in beautiful surroundings that are designed for you, and with you. It is a joy to see your house appear around the curve of the road or feel a sense of calm as you open the door to your spacious apartment. These are the places where you create your everyday experiences and where you manifest your lasting memories.

At Holm Studio, we design and hand select all the things that you touch and see — from the cup you fill with coffee in the morning to the pillows and sheets that surround you at night. We design the home of your dreams and find the perfect objects to enhance it. 

The view of a skyline at night. The caress of an ocean breeze. The scent of fresh flowers in a crystal vase. The softness of a supple leather seat. The familiar touch of a custom-designed door handle. We enhance the sensory pleasures. It’s your life, you deserve it. 

Working alongside artisans, artists, curators, premier builders, and top designers, we share a passion for creating environments that are exquisite, elegant, and extraordinary as you are. 

As you build your life, we’ll shape your legacy.